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More Than Just A Regrind House    

With a comprehensive service approach, fast turnaround, exceptional value, and unmatched quality, Alliance Innovative has earned a reputation for excellence in cutting tool services. 

Alliance Innovative has over twenty years of experience building partnerships with regional, national, and international cutting tool OEMs, industrial distributors, integrated suppliers, cutter grinding, honing and tool marking OEMs, and major manufacturers in nearly every field of manufacturing.  Our partnership capabilities are detailed below.

Branded Reconditioning 
    Let us be your "in-house" reconditioning program. 

Most OEMs today have a reconditioning program for their carbide drills and other tooling.  Many use a network of service partners rather than truly performing the work "in house."  Few can perform reconditioning work as quickly and efficiently as Alliance Innovative.

Whether you are an international brand looking for a domestic reconditioning partner, a domestic brand keeping equipment focused on producing new tooling, or any brand interested in developing a reconditioning program, we can help.       

Production Partner & Private Label Tooling

Custom Step Drills     Form Tools     Axis Custom Endmill     Helix Performance Drill

Alliance Innovative can be your design and production partner for the entire range of production and distribution formats, from direct catalog sales to industrial distribution.  Companies come to Alliance Innovative with the following objectives:

  • Dual Sourcing: Spread the risk of an existing tool line
  • Supplemental Production: Supplement your in-house capacity by outsourcing to us  
  • Catalog Expansion: Offer tooling beyond standard Drills and Endmills, such as High- Performance tooling and Non-standard sizes
  • Private Label Tooling: Industrial distributors and others without production capabilities interested in a house line of tooling or custom tool offerings

    Alliance Innovative Offers:

  • Tool design consultation
  • ISO9001/AS9100 Certified Processes
  • Lasermarking, Brandable tool packaging, Other packaging options available
  • Barcoding

  • Made to Order or Make to Stock production formats
  • Lean Production / JIT
  • Flexible inventory management

  • Production Forecasting
  • Dedicated Capacity
  • Private Drop Shipping
  • NDA


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