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When we set out to develop Revolver, we wanted custom materials, not just custom sizes. We wanted the qualities of wearability and durability to be more than skin deep. We wanted all of this for a lower cost than what you are accustomed to paying for a product inferior to Revolver.  


The common chrome-plated gage set wears its durability on the outside while inferior tool steels make up the bulk underneath. Chrome plating drives up costs and delivery times by adding operations and increasing machining time. Also, it is not appropriate for all conditions in which the gage would be used.  



Durable / Wear-Resistant
Through-hardened to 64 Rc
Hard. Stable. Tough. Wear-resistant.
Readily available and machinable to produce a superior gage at a lower cost.


Durable / Rust-Proof
Through-hardened to 60 Rc
The strongest rust-resistant material available
Readily available and machinable to produce a superior gage at a lower cost.


The MAXGRADE material series was developed in consultation with metallurgists to result in consistently superior performance under virtually any conditions the gage sets will ever face.

The MAXGRADE series excels in all environments where gage sets are used, but performance is not the only way it excels. The series is comprised of readily available metals, is readily machinable, and requires fewer operations, resulting in a more affordable gage set that compromises nothing.

When you start with superior material, you finish with a superior product.


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