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Regrind.  Recoat.  10 Days.

For Over 20 Years Alliance Innovative has been reconditioning cutting tools back to factory condition.  With a comprehensive service approach, fast turnaround, exceptional value, and unmatched quality, Alliance Innovative has earned a reputation for excellence in cutting tool services.



8 Axis CNC Reconditioning. The highest quality coatings available.  Program-controlled reconditioning of endmills, reamers, a wide variety of inserts, and virtually any other cylindrical cutting tool.

Every order receives an itemized quote before proceeding.  Every tool is cleaned and coated.  Every carbide tool ships in a protective tube.  HSS ships in protective wrap or in tubes by request.


MATERIAL: Carbide / HSS / Cobalt 
STYLES: Cylindrical / Inserts / Special


Drills, Endmills, Reamers, Taps, Roughers, Countersinks, Sandvik Carbide Tip, High Performance HSS, Split Point / Parabolic HSS


YG, Titex, Sumitomo, SGS, Seco, Sandvik, RTW, PTD, OSG, Mitsubishi, Metalcut, MA Ford, Komet, Kennametal, Ingersoll, Hertel, Guhring, Garr, Fullerton, Dormer, Dijet, Cleveland, CJT, Accupro, And More



Spin Downs, Steps, Radius, Chamfer, Any Modification

Send us any cylindrical tool that is almost perfect for your application, and we will take it the rest of the way.  If the tool is already in your crib, this can be a huge cost savings over building a new tool, and also speeds up turnaround time.


Virtually every coating on the market
Laser marking, Identification labels   


Hunting and gathering tooling for reconditioning, sorting it, packaging it, itemizing purchase orders...

All of these things are keeping you from doing what you want to be doing and also slow down the entire process of reconditioning your worn tooling.

We can help contain the chaos.


Just Fill.
We do the sorting and provide an itemized quote. If you prefer to sort before you send, we send a matching confirmation.

What size is toolbox?
Small (1 Gallon)
Medium (3 Gallon)
Huge (10 Gallon)


What's Inside toolbox?
Shock absorbent foam padding to provide a soft landing every time, lid ties, and plenty of room for your tooling.


Carbide tooling will be returned to you in labeled protective tubes. If a damaged tube crosses our path, it will be replaced with a fresh tube.  

Now you can focus on what matters most to you.
The toolbox streamlines tool management between your shop and ours while providing additional protection for your valuable tooling.

Keep it in your shop or tool crib as one central location to deposit spent tooling.  Send it half full or keep it as long as you need.


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